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COD: Smilax X183.
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L’unica compilation con 65 track unmixed speciale per deejays.

TITOLO: Dj Top Vol. 2
LABEL: Smilax Records
CAT: Smilax X183

CD 1

1    Morris Corti & Eugenio LaMedica- Party With Me (Original Extended Mix)


2    C- Side- You Can Get Down- Joy Di Maggio Vs Dj Mash & Pacific Nation Original Ext   
3    Andrea Raffa & Emiliano Marchini Feat. Chantal – Touch Me (Original Mix)  
4    Joker- The Laught- Extrastrong Mix        
5    Claus- Never Mind- Charlie Mauthe & Jh Extended Mix
6    Damiano & Procida- Spank- Original Mix    
7    Danilo Secli’ – Makonda- Original Mix    
8    Alex B & Max Sabatini- Dirty Is (Dj Mash & Pacific Nation Remix)
9    Emanuel Guarrera Vs Josenz & Johnny J- ‘Up & Down’ (Main Mix)
10    Engel- Rolling In The Deep- Extended Mix
11    Dani B & Nicola Veneziani- Pump The Bass- Alex Barattini Extended Remix  
12    Igor Pezzi & Karmine Emme Present Italian Gang Star- Buonasera Signorina- Extended Mix  
13    Jean Luc Duvall- Correspondance- (Original Ext Mix)  
14    Joy Di Maggio Vs Dj Mash & Pacific Nation- In This Sky- Freedome Remix  
15    Joy Saccone- Chica Latina- Club Mix     
16    Luis Rondina & Ensaime- Vatican- Original Mix
17    Mark Paper- Let’s Fly Away- Elmambro Squared Mix
18    Manuel Costa Feat. Lil ‘Lee- Runaway_ Karmin Shiff Remix  
19    Mastro J- O’sable’- Original Extended Mix     
20    Pierpaolo Cricenti Feat. Fabiana- My Life Is Crazy – Pino Giannelli Sax Mix
21    Francesco Baldi Ft. Lussy- Love Is A Miracle (Original Mix)
22    Sacchi & Durante Vs. Panetz – Inglesias Orchestra (Club Mix)
23    Ang3lino Dj _ Patakaran- Original Mix    
24    Salvo Germany- La Senorita- Club Mix   
25    Teejay- Boom Shake- Original Version  
26    Jerry Kay- Who You Are (Original Mix)   
27    Thomas Ferry & Dot Comma- Have A Good Time- Extended Version
28    Valerio M Dj & Luca Sala- The Only One- Original Mix  
29    Capodaglio, Caruso & Valenziano Ft. Adam Clay- Wonderful You (Original Extended Mix)
30    Dj Mash & Dj Koma Ft Valeria Di Dato & J Vale- I’ll Fly With You (Vocal Mix)


31    Smashing Groovers- Doggy Pusher (Extended Mix)
32    Ricky Salerno Feat. John Biancale- Tell Me You Want Me (Original Ricky Salerno Extended Mix)

CD 2

1    Dalmazio Conte & Antonella Calabrese- Music Is My Life (Pascuzzo Rmx)
2    Alex Barattini- My Body (Main Mix)


3    Alex Mascheroni & Tom Black Feat. Farida- ‘Let Me Believe’ (Extended Mix)
4    Amer Bros Feat. Coleman- Secret (Original Mix)
5    Cody- I Feel For You (Matteo Petrone Remix)  
6    Stefano Fay Vs Andrea Valo- La Seduction (Dani B. Original Mix)  
7    Andrea Grandoni Vs Soriani & Ponzuoli- ‘In The Morning’  (Club Mix)

8    Dj Francis- Elektroshock- (Jumpin Mix Extended)
9    D.O.K.- I’m Funky – (Cosmogroove Remix)
10    Den J Rose- Stay- Extended Mix
11    Andrea Tarsia Feat Scyntilla- Make It Real (Original Extended Mix)
12    Dj Benny C- This Is The Time (Looneys Remix)
13    Dj Jurij- Rocket!- (Ensaime Remix)
14    Funkatomic Ft Danny- Livin’ It Up (Dj Caccini Global Mix)
15    Gold’N’ Chic Feat. Scarlet Blue- ‘Cool Girl’ – (Extended Mix)
16    Joy Di Maggio- You Wanna Belong- Mauro Del Principe Rmx
17    Marcomix Vs Bottai & Ripari Feat. Tiny Dancer- Minimal Beat (Original Mix)
18    Gaetano_Dodaro & Loveforce- Waiting For You(Original_Extended_Mix)
19    Alex Bono Vs Josef Miles- Red Style- Original Mix    
20    Morris Corti & Eugenio LaMedica- I Rock I Sweat I Dance (Mattias+G80’s Rmx)
21    Freedome- I Feel You (Extended Mix)   
22    Lorenzo B Feat. Elix & Niela- Kiss Me Now- (Elio Milani & Dj Fole Remix)
23    Alex Barattini- Abc- Mike Crystal Remix  
24    Alex Guesta Ft David Goncalves- On Fire- (Ensaime Rmx)
25    Fashion Boy Feat. Ben Bagby- Be My Lover 2nite- (Club Mix)
26    Dj Koma- What Da House (Frankie S Remix)
27    Max Leoni & The Mask- Talk To Me Tonight- (Max Leoni Electro Mix)


28    Mikee Introna- Get It All- Morris Corti Remix  
29    Giona Guidi & Marco Laschi- Chic (Everybody Wants To Feel) – (Giovanni Campus & Murino Fontana Remix)
30    Mauama Feat. Aline Queen- Feel The Night- (Alex Barattini Extended Remix)
31    Amoroso & Alien Cut- Rock Da Base (Giovanni Bottai, Alberto Ripari, Stefano Menegatti Remix)
32    Dreamhit Feat. Fisco & Chiara- I Wanna Be Your Life- Extended Mix

Bonus Track

33    Tipi Venali- Bunga Bunga- Long Version