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Buddha Lounge Ibiza Luxury 2017

Buddha Lounge Ibiza Luxury 2017

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1. Pierpaolo Cricenti ft Antonella Loconsole – Killing me Softly (Tower at Sea Lounge Mix)

2. Miki Zara & Fabio T. feat. Wendy Lewis - Any Other Girl (Lounge Mix)

3. Capodaglio, Caruso & Valenziano feat. Adam Clay - Wonderful You (Acoustic Guitar Mix)

4. Alex Barattini feat. Nadine Rush - I Wanna Be Your Answer (Acoustic Mix)

5. Green Pine River - Someone Like You (D-Soriani Chilly Remix)

6. Gianrico Leoni-Daniele Soriani & Dario Dee – My Body And My Soul (Chill Mix)

7. Dj Maci feat. Ty Le Blanc - Heaven Right Here On Earth (Marihouse Mario Percali Chill Out Rmx)

8. Luca Facchini & Daniele Soriani - Suddenly (D-Soriani Chilly Mix)

9. Carlo Giannini - I Need You (Lounge Mix)

10. Phunkee Beach feat. Adriana Salvadori - Where Is My Lover (D-Soriani Chilly Mix)

11. Alex Barattini feat. Nieggman - Around You (Acoustic Mix)

12. Airside Connection - Downtown (Chilly Mix)

13. Roby Montano meets Hector Manolo and Griso feat. Dhany - Who You Are (Griso’s 5 a.m. Chill)

14. Xela Nitarab - Mr Right Now (Chill Out Mix)

15. Glory - Sun’s Rise (Lounge Version)

16. Bellini Dj - My Dj Is A Zombie (Bellini Dj Lounge Mix)

17. Guitar Maniacs - Smoke On The Water (Lounge Mix)

18. Beautiful Air - Promiseland

19. Manyus Joan Eta - Underwater

20. Daniele Soriani - Mr Stranger (D-Soriani Jazzy Mix)