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1. Morris Corti & Eugenio LaMedica – Party With Me (Original Extended Mix)

2. Andrea Tarsia feat Scyntilla – Make It Real (Original Extended Mix)

3. Gold ‘N’ Chic feat Scarlet Blue – Cool Girl (Extended Mix)

4. Stefano Fay vs Andrea Valo – La Seduction (Dani B. Original Mix)

5. C-Side – You Can Get Down (Mauro Del Principe Remix)

6. Dj Mash & Dj Koma ft Valeria Di Dato & J Vale – I’ll Fly With You (Vocal Mix)

7. Emanuel Paglicci feat Janet Gary – Rising Shining (Cucky Extended Remix)

8. Engel – Rolling In The Deep (Extended Mix)

9. Alex Barattini feat. Wendy Lewis – Love Me (2011 Extended Remix)

10. Alex Mascheroni & Tom Black feat Farida – Let Me Believe (Extended Mix)

11. Freedome – I Feel You (Extended Mix)

12. Giuseppe Battaglia – In My Soul (House Extended Mix)

13. Alexander Deejay feat. Vanessa Voice – Diviz (Original Mix)


Bonus Track:

14. Shock Mama – Shaking Yaka (Original Mix)


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