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1. Danilo Seclì vs Santoro & Bovino feat. Boomdabash – Go Down (Danilo Seclì Remix)
2. Smith & Thell – Illusion (Extended Version)
3. Palmez vs Djs On Fire – Djs On Fire (House Mix)
4. Alex Berti & Ceedes ft Dhany – New Horizon (Original Mix)
5. Stefano Falchi feat. Elox – Hot Beat (Original Mix)
6. Beethoven TBS vs Las Vegas – Can’t Breathe Without You (Italian House Mafia Extended Mix)
7. Froggy Mix feat. Snoop Dogg – C’est Party! (Salva Club Mix)
8. Armando Traglia feat. Miguelito Valdes – Està Caliente (Extended Version)
9. Michele Papa feat. MJ White – In Time (Alex Barattini Remix)
10. Fabio Amoroso & Mila ft Laura Groggia – Dj Plays (Stefano Iezzi Remix)
11. Mister Devis – Daghe Daghe (Club Extended)
12. Palmez & Nicky B. – La Vibration (Vibe Original Extended Mix)
13. Honeymoon – Ordinary Love (Original Extended)
14. Charlie Mauthe JH feat. Claus – Fear Of Sin (Extended Mix)

For Dee-Jay Mix

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