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1. Fabio Aversa & Sergio Flash Ft. Selly Crown – Viva La Vida (Evita Club Mix) 

2. Andrea Paci Ft. Michelle Weeks – Big Mama (Andrea Paci Main Mix)

3. Robert Fulton meets Manuel Deep – You Need What (Fried Sashimi Extended Remix) 

4. Soul Elementz Feat. Sabrina Johnston – My Way Out (Pain & Rossini Remix)

5. MA.LO – Spanish Reagge (Evita Club Mix) 

6. Magilla Dj Feat. Sharon May Linn – Long Time Ago (Club Mix) 

7. Giona Guidi – Heart Prison (Giona Guidi Club Remix) 

8. Andrea Paci Feat. Andrea Love – Kiss Me (Andrea Paci Main Mix) 

9. Gold’n’Chic – Higher (Club Mix)

10. Moggi Dj Ft. Lisa Finch – Sound Of Love (G.Fanelli Team Remix) 

11. Beethoven TBS – Your Love (Made In Italy Club Mix)


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