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1. Confiance En Moi (feat. Glory Lu Thiong) [Radio Mix]

2. Mustang Sally (Cut Mix)

3. Fall Again (feat. Nadine Rush) [Original Radio Mix]

4. Let Me Kiss You (Buddha Mix)

5. Love Is (feat. Dr. Feelx) [Original Radio Mix]

6. My Body (Acoustic Mix)

7. I Wanna Be Your Answer (Radio Mix)


8. Believe (Deep Mix)

9. You and Me (Cut Mix)

10. You Got It (Original Mix)

11. Mambo (feat. Baby Rey) [Outwave Edit Mix]

12. I Wanna Be Your Answer (Acoustic Mix)

13. My Play (Chill Out Mix)

14. Around You (Acoustic Mix)

15. Mustang Sally (Club Mix)

16. Love Is (feat. Dr. Feelx) [Club Mix]

Alex Barattini – Fall Again (The Album)

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